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The End of MC

Today is my ninth and last day on the Master Cleanse (“MC”).  I wanted to go ten days; however this would be complicated due various social engagements where it would be unseemly to carry around a sports bottle full of MC lemonade.  I sense the MC’s work is largely completed, anyway.  Feel great, rather fresh and toxin free . . . 

My first 4 days on the MC were a horror show – exhaustion, nausea, etc.  Per the MC literature, this is due to built up toxins that the body is now trying to eliminate.  However, I was not following the MC 100% and had ignored the somewhat horrifying laxative tea and salt water flush provisions.  Once I added this ‘part two’ to my MC routine, I began to feel much better, energetic and healthy even.  The last 5 days were a breeze.

Overall, I lost 7 pounds, but am expecting some of this weight to come back.  I hope to lose even more through better nutrition and exercise.  It will be much easier to stick with these programs now that I don’t have cravings for unhealthy, junky food constantly. 

I do miss food desperately, as well as the socializing that occurs over a meal.  I am lonely and very excited to eat again!  My husband is taking me to dinner at Cafe Maude this weekend to celebrate my MC completion  (the concept of MC freaked him out to no end and he has been very concerned).  Is it a bad thing that I already have my Cafe Maude meal planned out?  Surprisingly, I am not drooling over the macaroni and cheese (which is truly to die), or any number of questionably nutritious delights.  On the contrary, several vegetable sides, like the braised greens, the grilled corn, a cup of soup and perhaps a small crab cake speak to me. 

Here is what I am wearing on this cold and rainy MC final day:

XO, Debtonaire


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PGA day (and, MC Days 2 & 3)

Yesterday the family (plus a friend for my stepson) went to see the PGA practice round at Hazeltine.  I am not sporty or golf-y in the least, but really enjoyed the afternoon.  We saw several big name golfers, watched them play various holes – it was most mazing to watch them tee off.  The ball makes a much different noise and goes high high in the air . . . you can really appreciate this IRL as opposed to watching on TV. 

This was my PGA outfit.  It was cute, but I would have felt more comfortable in some sort of sport or golf attire, and definitely tennis shoes:

As for my MC update – it was 90 degrees yesterday.  We walked several miles over the course of the afternoon.  I carried my little water bottle full of the MC lemonade all over the golf course, sipping occasionally, and did my best to soldier on!  (If you ever see some disoriented person wandering aimlessly, clutching a water bottle, please be kind as they are likely on the MC and have only brain stem functioning!)  

So far today (MC Day 3) feel pretty horrible – nauseous, headaches, and achy limbs – apparently this is due to toxins coming out of the body. My friend K is also doing the MC, however, in contrast, she has been business as usual, even went the gym yesterday, and aside from the desire to eat something crunchy, is absolutely fine.   Yikes, clearly I must be chock full of toxins . . . but 4 pounds lost!

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Wearing 8/11/09 (and, MC Day 1)

Here’s my work outfit today:

The high-waisted skirt was not so adorable IRL – imagine a belted sausage with legs, and furthermore, that this sausage is also wearing the J. Crew Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt. After viewing self in mirror, particularly the horrible side view, was almost happy that I had agreed to start the Master Cleanse (“MC”) today with a friend.  (If unfamiliar with the MC, its basically a lemonade fast . . .)

Day 1 of MC has been pretty easy so far.  I even made my husband and stepson pancakes this morning (now a permanent, once a week, weekday ritual) and wasn’t tempted by their steamy sweet buttery goodness. Okay, maybe a little bit tempted, but did not succumb.  There is also enough maple syrup in just today’s MC lemonade for 3 or 4 breakfasts – difficult to justify cheating.  It’s now close to 5 p.m. and my stomach is rumbling a little bit, but I don’t feel hungry yet.   Have a class tonight, and will miss dinner with the boys, but probably am better off without watching them eat their pizza, giant burgers,  milk shakes, etc . . .

XO Debtonaire

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Back from Hiatus! (and Progress Report . . .)

It has been an unforgivably long time since my last post. My absence has been due to partially to torrentially horrid conditions at work (20%), and partially because . . . I just D-E-S-P-I-S-E all the barbaric self-inflicted personal maintenance and wardrobe deprivation seemingly necessary to reach my goal of “debt free by June 30th 2009” (80%+). It’s embarrassing as I was so gung-ho.  In the end, I just couldn’t stick with the plan – couldn’t do it a minute longer and was ashamed to own up. I am weak weak weak, and clearly apocalyptic cost cutting is not in my nature.

New plan– get what I need and no more. It has to be perfect: fit, color, fabric all flawless. If not, back to the store it goes. (This sounds basic but for me is a huge obstacle – I don’t like returning things to the store or even repacking returns to send back, so in the past tended to keep or give away substandard purchases. Yup. Seriously. Another bad, embarrassing habit now out in the open. Another confession:  I reeealllly can’t bear going to the gas station and am trying to train my husband to do it for me, automatically, like an upgraded full-service option – but that’s another story.)

On my Spring purchase list: versatile dresses – the sort that can be worn at a wedding, work or out to dinner with carefully shifted accessories; nice (aka leather or fabric not rubber) flip flops to supplement and enhance my Havaiana stockpile; short sleeve cotton/linen/silk cardigan to go with everything 24/7.  Not purchased this Spring – a new handbag.   However I did send one of the Chloes to refurb for freshening with very snappy results. 

During hiatus I have resumed salon waxing (thank goodness) and lash tinting – but at a less posh salon. Instead of Keratin Complex straightening I have been using Living Proof NoFrizz and am hopeful this will get me through the humid months and into Fall. I had a little laser to correct some sun damage, and a little Botox to correct the crevices the market turbulence left on my forehead. However, apart from the odd mani-pedi – I AM doing my own toes and fingers.

So, although I am more sane and better groomed, what has this fiscal detour done to my debt repayment plan? As of today, “The Number” is roughly $11,000.00, down from the $14k-$15k range at last writing. All my department store accounts have been paid off – all that is left are balances are on two Visa cards. By the end of June, one of those cards will be paid off in its entirety, and the other will have a $7,000.00 balance. And counting.
Back soon. Really.



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Liquid Keratin Update #3 – Recovery

Progress post Liquid Keratin remains slow.  Color is on the upswing, slightly on the warm side but not at all orange.  Tony’s corrective color was successful, and at his suggestion I am supplementing with a violet color depositing shampoo and conditioner every third shampoo.  (The color deposit shampoo and conditioner aren’t very moisturizing, so I mix half-and-half with my regular shampoo and conditioner.  This does not appear to diminish the color depositing properties – the violet pigment in the shampoo is robust enough to stain the grout in my shower.)  Color has settled in my preferred spectrum of somewhere between butter and beige blonde – almost back to normal. 

The texture, however, is slower to bounce back.  My hair is still fairly straight, but brittle, and to the touch feels almost like doll hair (not the divinely slick Barbie texture – I am referring to baby doll hair).  I ration shampooing to every third day, or absolute worst case, every other day.  I use a non-sulfate shampoo, and alternate between an organic conditioner and Kerastase deep conditioner, when not using the color deposit products.  I apply Moroccan Oil before any blow drying and, when I can remember, before I go to sleep on pre-shampoo nights.  My next step is to migrate to all Kerastase products including styling products for the near term.  No flat irons.

I consider myself fortunate as far as the Liquid Keratin victims are concerned. Had I done my research, there are several harrowing tales on certain curly hair discussion boards – dark red deposits, hair breaking off, etc.  I believe I have been spared total breakage because: 1) wait time of 1 week between application of Liquid Keratin and corrective coloring, 2) my colorist is skilled and restored a natural color without further stripping the follicle; perhaps most importantly 3) my hair was in decent shape before the application of Liquid Keratin.  As a result, damaged as it appears to be, my hair is responding slowly to conditioning products.  Additionally, given the texture issues, I remain cautious about returning to the Coppola straightening system (which gave me a great result) until my hair has recovered completely.  I anticipate that this will entail fighting frizz and waves through the humid portions of 2009, sans flatiron . . . 

I will continue to provide update on the Liquid Keratin recovery progress.  Wish me luck!

XO Debtonaire


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Liquid Keratin Update #2 – Don’t Try This at Home!

The very straight orange hair and I spent a week traveling together (in LA/Beverly Hills no less, could it be much worse for my delicate ego?).  It was a week of banker-y nonsense:  tense meetings; document recovery; forensic accounting; and most importantly a week of daily rinse-lather-repeats that did little to dispell the unwanted deposit of pigment on my hair.  In fact, as the color morphed slightly into an even deeper, brassier shade, the resulting contrast with my dark blonde roots became extremely unpleasant and noticable from several hundred paces.  I looked like a crazy person.   In a black suit and pumps.  Enough said. 

I arrived home Friday evening.  Early Saturday morning Tony, my colorist, restored my hair to a soft slightly tawny blonde – there are some warm tones that he just can’t get rid of.  It looks good, just slightly more golden and spring-like than I would typically request.  Touch ups will be needed more often, as the beloved and wise Tony believes the orange will seep through. 

So let’s tally:

Liquid Keratin = $70

Emergency corrective coloring $300

Pain and suffering of orange hair = undefinable

More frequent balliage touchups = to be determined


Salon application of Coppola Keratin Complex = $500

Verdict – don’t try straightening or any other chemical processing at home.   In my view, home is no place for anything more aggressive than styling product or deep conditioner, regardless of what cost benefit or time constraints lead one to believe it is a good idea.  

XO Debtonaire





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Liquid Keratin Update #1

Quick update regarding the Liquid Keratin incident: orange has faded down ever so slightly to strawberry blonde.  While this is an improvement, it is still in the unpleasantly orange range, and not in the lovely buttery beigey range.  Corrective color will be required.   My hair also feels kind of dry, which is odd, considering the Liquid Keratin was supposed to ‘nourish and replenish’ or some such nonsense. 

More later . . .  

XO Debtonaire

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