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I adore . . . Bourjois Eye Pencil (05 Vert Inspiré)

Earlier this week I happened upon a fantastically wearable alternative to black eyeliner.  Although I love and adore black eyeliner, even applied with the lightest of hand, it tends to make me look a little too “retro”.  Even more unfortunate, “retro” in the morning typically morphs into “Goth” by afternoon as the majority of the liner migrates and eventually settles in the crease of my lid, just under the brow bone.  

In my quest for black eyeliner perfection, I have tried many formulations:  liquid eyeliner (harsh); various pencils thick and thin, waterproof and regular (either too hard or too smeary); black eye shadow applied with a tiny wet brush (vaporizes instantly).  I have also experimented with other dark toned liners in hues such as:

Aubergine (Easter rabbit effect if smudged);


Navy (lovely if you work in a diner);


and Grey (too spooky sickly Les Miserables). 


Bourgois Paris Kohl and Contour eye pencil in 05 Vert Inspiré  (yes, a dark green) – purchased by mistake several months ago and languishing in my makeup drawer ever since – is really a sunny-toned charcoal that walks the knife edge between appropriate for office professional daytime use but could just as easily pull off full-out-glamorama.  Although not a waterproof formula, the liner does not creep around my eyelid or under the eye, and is soft enough to smudge nicely and apply without tugging.  $12.50 at Ulta.   

 XO Debtonaire


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