Debtonaire currently works in finance for a hedge fund group, and has formerly held positions in investment and commercial banking at several notable West Coast and Midwest-based institutions. 

Debtonaire’s Blog details her ongoing quest to adapt to the brave new economy, this cursed mess,  her diminished capacity for retail consumption by general cost cutting and the gradual elimination of all consumer debt.  Debtonaire hopes to accomplish this with a minimum of discomfort – i.e. no visible roots, frayed garments,  or designer knockoff handbags.  (Debtonaire does sympathize with those that partake in knockoffs, but just can’t bring herself to do it.)  The term “Debtonaire” is a tongue-in-cheek jaunty play on her profession and personally levered position.

Debtonaire is married and the devoted, if somewhat inept, step-mother to a wonderful 11-year old boy.  When not working, blogging or putting off visits to the gym, Debtonaire enjoys ordering from and returning various items to J. Crew, Polyvore-ing, editing her closet, and entertaining friends and family. 


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