Closet Case

Alas, my closet . . . I yearn for a magazine layout-type closet – have you seen those wonderful California Closet advertisements?  Pristinely folded piles and evenly spaced hanging items, sorted by color, on coordinated hangers, with darling little shoe and handbag cubbies. 

Divinely OCD - My Dream Closet

Divinely OCD - My Dream Closet

Currently my closet is a slapdashery of chaos and mayhem rivaling an accident scene (an accident where no one was harmed in any way, of course, an accident possibly involving an overturned dry-cleaning delivery vehicle, the processing facilities of a full-service Laundromat, several u-fill storage bins, and a small shoe store).  In short – a healthy happy wardrobe tonnage lives IN my closet, but I can’t find anything IN my closet, y’all . . . and it drives me wild. 

My aspiration to closet OCD-ism is one of the reasons why I am so hooked on the Polyvore.  Outfits seeded by Polyvore – my own sets or sets blatantly ripped off from sourced from others – at least help me approach the morning with a plan in hand for the daily recon mission in my closet.  Polyvore, with its orderly, sort-able ‘tags’ and sets’ is my ‘virtual California Closets’ solution. 

Polyvore also assists in ridding my closet of lackluster items before their statutes of retail return limitations expire.  Hence, bold flower shirt (see below) did not make the cut, and a recently purchased cami (also shown below) may soon be returned as well.  If I can’t rock it in Polyvore, I can’t rock in IRL . . .

Bold Floral Top

Bold Floral Top


Print Cami

Print Cami

Is there a downside to all this Polyvore-ing?  Well, fantastically stylish and creative Polyvore peers certainly do create sets with items, basic and fancy, which bear striking resemblance to those residing in my own closet, and continually fashion effortless remixes of these formerly humdrum items.  Their results are can be inspiring (“OMG – I have those shoes AND a dress like that and NEVER CONSIDERED putting them together with that and that and that . . . ”  – i.e. an ability to ‘shop your closet’, as the phenomenon is known in Recession-ese . . . ).  However, amid the din of fall season retail rollouts, it is becoming apparent that observation of others’ advanced Polyvore mixer-y may result in wanton clothing lust when shiny tempting new items are worked into the existing Polyvore vernacular. Which brings me to my J. Crew wish list for fall, along with a few things from my closet for proposed mixing and matching: 




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