Flower Top Untamed

flower shirt near larger

I am struggling with my recently purchased See by Chloe floral print top.  I have tried Flower Top on three mornings this week, but it still has tags and has not ventured out of the closet.  Flower Top is quite stridently floral, as is apparent from the photo above.  I am only barely getting used to wearing tiny snippets of color (a silk shell here, a cardigan there, but never the twain shall meet) after self imposed banishment to The Land of Neutrals for an undisclosed period.  Love the colors:  greige-y and the slightly muted primaries and secondaries. . . typically my problem with florals is that they are too “precious” in palette.  Will try Flower Top with some little yellow or baby blue shorts and clunky sandals.  Is it possible that Flower Top could work under a cardigan with a belt, pencil skirt, slingbacks and my black Chloe Saskia tote?  

XO Debtonaire


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