Back from Hiatus! (and Progress Report . . .)

It has been an unforgivably long time since my last post. My absence has been due to partially to torrentially horrid conditions at work (20%), and partially because . . . I just D-E-S-P-I-S-E all the barbaric self-inflicted personal maintenance and wardrobe deprivation seemingly necessary to reach my goal of “debt free by June 30th 2009” (80%+). It’s embarrassing as I was so gung-ho.  In the end, I just couldn’t stick with the plan – couldn’t do it a minute longer and was ashamed to own up. I am weak weak weak, and clearly apocalyptic cost cutting is not in my nature.

New plan– get what I need and no more. It has to be perfect: fit, color, fabric all flawless. If not, back to the store it goes. (This sounds basic but for me is a huge obstacle – I don’t like returning things to the store or even repacking returns to send back, so in the past tended to keep or give away substandard purchases. Yup. Seriously. Another bad, embarrassing habit now out in the open. Another confession:  I reeealllly can’t bear going to the gas station and am trying to train my husband to do it for me, automatically, like an upgraded full-service option – but that’s another story.)

On my Spring purchase list: versatile dresses – the sort that can be worn at a wedding, work or out to dinner with carefully shifted accessories; nice (aka leather or fabric not rubber) flip flops to supplement and enhance my Havaiana stockpile; short sleeve cotton/linen/silk cardigan to go with everything 24/7.  Not purchased this Spring – a new handbag.   However I did send one of the Chloes to refurb for freshening with very snappy results. 

During hiatus I have resumed salon waxing (thank goodness) and lash tinting – but at a less posh salon. Instead of Keratin Complex straightening I have been using Living Proof NoFrizz and am hopeful this will get me through the humid months and into Fall. I had a little laser to correct some sun damage, and a little Botox to correct the crevices the market turbulence left on my forehead. However, apart from the odd mani-pedi – I AM doing my own toes and fingers.

So, although I am more sane and better groomed, what has this fiscal detour done to my debt repayment plan? As of today, “The Number” is roughly $11,000.00, down from the $14k-$15k range at last writing. All my department store accounts have been paid off – all that is left are balances are on two Visa cards. By the end of June, one of those cards will be paid off in its entirety, and the other will have a $7,000.00 balance. And counting.
Back soon. Really.




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