Banana Regrets

I was pretty hard on Banana in my last post and feel the need to make it right.  In way do I mean to imply that Banana has done me wrong – to the contrary Banana was a spot-on supplier of professional wear (both back in the day and as recently as last Tuesday).  It also seems that any sort of weight/water/carbohydrate  fluxuation seems to bring me out of alignment with Bananas fit model, hence the troubles.  So, Banana, I am sorry – maybe its not you, its me . . . 

Additionally, spring surplus and subsequent deficit spending have achieved equilibrium – I spent less as a result of returning more  – including all the Banana loot (kept the shiny khaki skirt), a fantastic clearance priced Marni cotton frock, and black patent D&G sandals. 

XO Debtonaire


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