Surplus Liberated

Apparently I completely missed National Margarita Day yesterday.   Any holiday revolving around a cocktail is a-okay and a spectacular idea – no need to ask Debtonaire twice, in fact, there ought to be more cocktail themed holidays.  Particularly if the New York Times plans to print more Sunday Business section articles like Gretchen Morgenson’s “After Huge Losses a Movement to Reclaim Executive Pay” (actually, the headline in the print edition was a bit more inflammatory – “Gimme Back Your Paycheck, After the Losses, Who Shares the Pain?”, New York Times, February 22, 2009).  The article details the pay packages of, and chronicles the outlash against, Wall Street executives.  The hook is the possibility of ‘clawback’ provisions on their historical compensation based on their collective firms’ $107 BN in losses since 2007 . . . plunging the financial system into chaos, mayhem and ruin, tax payers bailing out said financial system . . .  Point taken, however, apart from the sheer scale of horrors, what is different in the current situation that that perpetuated by the financial services industry since time began?  As with the dot-com bust, the I-bankers were responding to demand for their crap product, just like they have in every other bubble.  Wall Street is a sales machine, and if there are people buying, Wall Street is going to be selling.  There was a bid and an ask for MBSs, ABSs, CDOs – until there wasn’t.  Just like 2000 – there was a market for completely nonsensical multiple-inflated New Economy dot com IPOs – until there wasn’t. 

Flash forward to the NYT Sunday Styles section, where Gwyneth Paltrow was bandied about for repositioning herself as a lifestyle coach/guru/whatever.  Through judicious use of quotes, the NYT dished her recent lifestyle forays, upcoming cookbook and website ( quite handily.  So of course I visited the website, expecting the worst of condescending horrors.  I thought it was nice, really kind of cute.  I liked the “Get” section, the newsletter formats, the concept of an interchangeable ‘uniform’ or sorts, although I love to acquire clothing and accessories, I am busy and frazzled and often have no idea what to do with my purchases.  Also, ‘Dress up’ in my metro area often means ‘wear the NICE sweatshirt, not the one with the bleach spots and the pen marks on the sleeve’.  I fight, but fear that I am slowly succumbing to the frumpitude.  I was (not so secretly) pleased that Gwyneth appears to own the same grey Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe grey booties that I purchased on Friday.  I must be in the GOOP target demographic.  (Frankly, Debtonaire is an excellent consumer and likely in a lot of target demographics – at least until the marketers find out about my bonus-less state. )  

Speaking of booties and Friday, I have now spent my spring surplus . . . almost twice over in fact.  Late Friday afternoon, I liberated the rest of the early spring budget surplus on several delightfully intoxicating clearance priced accessories at eLuxury – flesh-patent peep toe slingbacks from Marc Jacobs, D&G chunky heel black-patent sandals, and a charcoal sleeveless cashmere tie neck sweater, as well as the aforementioned mindblowingly adorable Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe grey booties.  So that was Friday.  Saturday, no action.  Good behavior.  Then Sunday, fueled by all sorts of nonsense in the NYT business section (as referenced above), run ins with my husband’s ex, and two soy lattes, I succumbed to several Banana Republic ads.  I ordered bunches of stuff, but it will probably all go back – never fear.  I don’t know what my problem is with Banana – it always looks great in the ads, but when the package arrives and I try it on, its borderline horrid.  I have some hoarded Christmas gift cards from J.Crew to fill basic wardrobe needs and will also rely on my tailor to retool and freshen a few existing items (I found a great brown leather jacket in my closet that is dying for a bracelet sleeve).

Also, the Chloe sandals arrived today and are stunning – surprisingly comfortable for shoes so fierce. 

No shopping today, but since I missed Margarita Day on Sunday, this evening, after Game 2 of my stepson’s basketball tourney, I plan to enjoy a classic ‘rocks’ Margarita (Hopefully it will be a victory cocktail!) employing a 2:1:2 ratio between tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice and recommend that you do the same.  margarita1

Happy (Belated) Margarita Day!

XO Debtonaire


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