Liquid Keratin Update #3 – Recovery

Progress post Liquid Keratin remains slow.  Color is on the upswing, slightly on the warm side but not at all orange.  Tony’s corrective color was successful, and at his suggestion I am supplementing with a violet color depositing shampoo and conditioner every third shampoo.  (The color deposit shampoo and conditioner aren’t very moisturizing, so I mix half-and-half with my regular shampoo and conditioner.  This does not appear to diminish the color depositing properties – the violet pigment in the shampoo is robust enough to stain the grout in my shower.)  Color has settled in my preferred spectrum of somewhere between butter and beige blonde – almost back to normal. 

The texture, however, is slower to bounce back.  My hair is still fairly straight, but brittle, and to the touch feels almost like doll hair (not the divinely slick Barbie texture – I am referring to baby doll hair).  I ration shampooing to every third day, or absolute worst case, every other day.  I use a non-sulfate shampoo, and alternate between an organic conditioner and Kerastase deep conditioner, when not using the color deposit products.  I apply Moroccan Oil before any blow drying and, when I can remember, before I go to sleep on pre-shampoo nights.  My next step is to migrate to all Kerastase products including styling products for the near term.  No flat irons.

I consider myself fortunate as far as the Liquid Keratin victims are concerned. Had I done my research, there are several harrowing tales on certain curly hair discussion boards – dark red deposits, hair breaking off, etc.  I believe I have been spared total breakage because: 1) wait time of 1 week between application of Liquid Keratin and corrective coloring, 2) my colorist is skilled and restored a natural color without further stripping the follicle; perhaps most importantly 3) my hair was in decent shape before the application of Liquid Keratin.  As a result, damaged as it appears to be, my hair is responding slowly to conditioning products.  Additionally, given the texture issues, I remain cautious about returning to the Coppola straightening system (which gave me a great result) until my hair has recovered completely.  I anticipate that this will entail fighting frizz and waves through the humid portions of 2009, sans flatiron . . . 

I will continue to provide update on the Liquid Keratin recovery progress.  Wish me luck!

XO Debtonaire



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