March Madness?

I am reviewing my finances for February.  Despite unnatural disasters (see Liquid Keratin) and a few/several/many indiscrete purchases (see Checks and Balances) and several visits to the MediSpa (more on that later) I appear to be making slight progress with my debt levels.  My total personal debt has decreased marginally from $15,116.13 at January 21 to $14,961.93 at February 13.   At least the accelerated debt service to Visa is outstripping my spending.  The large payments made over the last few weeks are largely possible due to – I hate to admit it – the salon services I have avoided this month.  My only salon visit this month was for corrective color – a non-negotiable necessity.  

 The best news so far this month is a forecasted budget surplus of approximately $1,500.00 by 3/6/09.  This amount could flow through the bottom line straight to a new handbag – its almost enough for a new Chloe – however, I will likely get a couple pair of shoes and some great accessories to jazz up my basics.    Should the surplus be applied to debt service, probably yes.  I can’t go cold turkey – total deprivation will only lead an unfortunate occurrence . . . an incident at an outlet mall or ‘rack’ store where returns are not accepted.  Self restraint is so much better in moderation.  I am going to make like a Democrat in Congress and spend spend spend that surplus . . .

XO Debtonaire


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