Checks and Balances

I haven’t posted for a while due to a severe bout of whining that I have been trying to stave off.  The orange hair incident was disheartening, and frankly, I harbored doubts that I would be able to continue with such a strict regime of DIY activities.  DIY is exhausting and time consuming and not therapeutic in the least.  I justified a lot of bad spending behavior because “I work so hard, I need to relax” and  “I work so hard, I deserve to own the overpriced XYZ”.  The primary flaw in this logic is that I still work hard and am about to be unemployed. 

My hedge fund job was demanding before the credit markets went to hell, and now it is interminable.  Is it completely unreasonable, after a hard day of battle, to park myself in a massaging easy chair, glass of wine in hand, and peruse US magazine while my hooves are dunked in paraffin, scraped and painted back into the semblance of human fingers and toes?  Post topple, I am truly grateful and somewhat surprised every time my firm makes payroll.  I work hard, keep my chin up, try to keep people off the window ledge, and come straight home from work every night.  No cocktails, no dinners out, no picking up a quick pair of shoes ‘to wear to that thing tomorrow night’.  Once I arrive home, my husband and I deal with dinner (from ingredients NOT even a take-out box).  If the stars align, I hit the treadmill or the gym.  I can still get away with the glass of wine and a gossip magazine, and I do have a cute little portable foot spa and a great stash of pedicure supplies, but adding these items to an ordinary weeknight results in a hot mess and sheet marks on my freshly-varnished toes.  Perhaps I am healthier person post topple, drink less, consume less sodium, have some interesting war stories, but so far it does not appear to build character.  I am neither a better or more likable person for any of this nonsense. 

Last Thursday morning, I nearly ran over my Cleaning Lady in the foyer while dashing through my pre-CL cleaning regimen.  CL is very personable and I don’t mind chatting with her at all – she used to work in HR before fleeing corporate America for her current vocation, which she says allows the flexibility to handle the schedule of three active children.  Apparently, CL’s business is suffering – half of her households have cut back to once a month or cut out cleaning services completely.  She was able pick up cleaning of a veterinary clinic at night to make ends meet.  Her husband will soon be severed from his job at a plastics molding company with a meager package.  Finally, CL hit me up for any Goodwill bound clothes or shoes – apparently I am the same size as her 14-year old daughter. 

Saturday morning, with the rough edges of my current fiscal situation ground down a bit after my conversation with CL, I resumed self-improvement activities.  I attended an early morning spinning class and caught up with a friend for coffee.  I further extended my virtuousness into Saturday afternoon by performing several waxing and facial treatments on myself.  While not a totally unpleasant way to spend a couple hours (in that it is more pleasurable than shoveling rock), it does cut a chunk out of the weekend.  I will also cop to a certain level of personal fulfillment in that I am improving in speed and skill level with the Nair wax strips (and am now utilizing the strips on parts of the bikini area completely forbidden by the good folks at Nair . . . with no ill effects thus far).  I do not miss shelling out $120 per session for a Brazilian wax plus waxing of various appendages.  I personal exposure due to the ‘ princess pose’ or the bacteria laden community wax bucket in the least. 

Control of my plastic this month has been less than masterful.  I swiped my VISA card with vigor during the first week of February and regrettably report several unnecessary, albeit lovely, clearance priced, purchases.  Total damage is over $1,000.  Arguably this amount will offset somewhat by payments, as well as savings in aforementioned areas such as waxing.  This behavior does not move the Number in the appropriate direction, which is closer to zero.  To recap, February purchases as of today included. 

Miu Miu –spike heel hidden platform loafers – Plum patent – $145

Cole Haan Collection – tall boots – Brown $200

Cole Haan Collection – tall boots – Black $200

Anthropologie- black wool cropped jacket, cotton lace top and t-shirt – $220

Victorias Secret – boy shorts (5 for $25) and t-shirt cardigan $32 – $57

Sephora/Ulta/Macys – make-up and other personal supplies – GO SMiLE, gloss, liquid liner, powder $200



The Miu Miu’s are perfect and update all the neutrals in my closet.  The tall boots are beautiful – parade- gloss-style super stiff and shiny leather, extra tall shaft and almond toe – very sleek with a medium heel . . . too perfectly timeless to pass up, not to mention they were practically free.  I absolutely did need them in both colors.  Anthropologie there is no good explanation for.   I don’t typically venture into Anthropologie due to an extreme allergy to rick rack, but a friend recommended the adorable buttery soft t-shirt.  I happened upon the black jacket (I have it on now!  Have worn 3 times since purchase on Thursday – great with trousers, skirts and jeans) and black cotton lace top (mysteriously can be layered over or under literally everything in my closet) while waiting for a fitting room.  All the clothes and shoes were marked down at least 60% – massively clearanced items are so tempting – particularly when I didn’t buy everything I needed for fall and winter to start with.  The boy shorts and cardi from VS and make-up etc. are mostly necessities, although I could have waited on the GO SMiLE kit but it was on sale. 

Factoring in my corrective color debacle and the afore-mentioned clothing and accessory acquisitions, things are off to a really bad start.  The rest of February needs to be exemplary and March as a whole must be a better month.  In the meantime, I will put together a Goodwill bag for penance. 

XO Debtonaire


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