Liquid Keratin Update #2 – Don’t Try This at Home!

The very straight orange hair and I spent a week traveling together (in LA/Beverly Hills no less, could it be much worse for my delicate ego?).  It was a week of banker-y nonsense:  tense meetings; document recovery; forensic accounting; and most importantly a week of daily rinse-lather-repeats that did little to dispell the unwanted deposit of pigment on my hair.  In fact, as the color morphed slightly into an even deeper, brassier shade, the resulting contrast with my dark blonde roots became extremely unpleasant and noticable from several hundred paces.  I looked like a crazy person.   In a black suit and pumps.  Enough said. 

I arrived home Friday evening.  Early Saturday morning Tony, my colorist, restored my hair to a soft slightly tawny blonde – there are some warm tones that he just can’t get rid of.  It looks good, just slightly more golden and spring-like than I would typically request.  Touch ups will be needed more often, as the beloved and wise Tony believes the orange will seep through. 

So let’s tally:

Liquid Keratin = $70

Emergency corrective coloring $300

Pain and suffering of orange hair = undefinable

More frequent balliage touchups = to be determined


Salon application of Coppola Keratin Complex = $500

Verdict – don’t try straightening or any other chemical processing at home.   In my view, home is no place for anything more aggressive than styling product or deep conditioner, regardless of what cost benefit or time constraints lead one to believe it is a good idea.  

XO Debtonaire






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