Tangerine, I’m afraid . . . (Liquid Keratin)

I have the Liquid Keratin straightening solution (DIY project #2) on my hair.   It seems pretty similar to the Coppola Keratin Complex that I had done in the salon, but for one teensy little difference.  My highlights!  My HIGHLIGHTS!  Sorry to be hysterical, but please understand . . .  My highlights have turned a vibrant shade of yellow orange, and did certainly did not start out brassy in the slightest.  Last time I recall seeing my real hair, my highlights were perfectly situated in-between buttery and beige.   Everything was fine until step 2(c), flat-ironing, which is when the ‘orange shift’ occurred, literally after the ironed passed over each section of hair.  I did fully saturate my hair with the solution, per the instructions, and hopefully, the gingerish tone is maybe a little scorching of excess product or something else completely harmless that will wash out with the first scheduled shampooing this evening.

It did occur to me that I probably should have stopped flat-ironing, and  rinsed the product out immediately after the color change occurred, but honestly the frizz associated with my hair in its untreated state is very nearly as bad as full-head brassiness and it seemed like an acceptable risk.  I am off to the West Coast on a business trip tomorrow – Los Angeles always puffs up my cuticle for some reason. 

After completing application I immediately contacted the Liquid Keratin customer service desk in the hopes that other non-organic blondes have had similar issues, and today received this nice response from the President of the company himself, David Allice, who appears to be as puzzled as I am:

Dear [Debtonaire],

I am surprised to hear of your experience with Liquid Keratin.  We have spent a long time perfecting the formula and have tested on all hair types and colors.  This is the first time we have heard of any change in hair color and of course we are concerned and would like to speak with you to discuss your experience.  We do not require you to send in any pictures, however, if you can, that would be helpful in helping us to understand the issue.  Please let me what would be a good time to call you and at what number.

Thank you,

David Allice
Liquid Keratin Inc

I did send David a picture of the tangerine highlights.  Hopefully his crack team of Liquid Keratin technicians can figure out what when wrong and what to do next.  I am crossing my fingers that this incident is temporary in nature, due to application error and will merit no more than a caveat on the Liquid Keratin instruction manual.  However, I will be out of pocket with for the next several days traveling, and there is not much I can about it for now.  On the plus side, should things go very wrong,  I am headed to civilized parts where corrective coloring assistance is very available (if not budget friendly). 

XO Debtonaire





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