Keeping Up Appearances

Last night I made a list of all my standard salon/aesthetician services. My annual total for personal maintenance expenses (skin treatments, hair cut and color and nails) comes in at $11,810.00 (or $984.17 per month) including gratuities. I was astounded. No, it’s not a fortune, but seriously, $1,000.00 per month just to look normal? This figure does not include skin care products and cosmetics, so conservatively this figure could be as high as $1,250.00 per month – again –JUST TO LOOK NORMAL. Not hot, not drastically younger than my chronological age, not even particularly well-rested . . . just NORMAL. Apparently, it is expensive to keep up appearances. Just for fun, here is my breakout:

Personal Maintenance Expense Breakout

Personal Maintenance Expense Breakout

Clearly, I need to better manage personal maintenance expenses not only to free up more cash for debt service, but also as a preventative measure in case of a prolonged unemployment scenario. Mortgage would certainly trump Botox, and by that time the Coppola Hair Straightening and lash tints would be long gone. What services should I keep? What can I do without or (gasp!) do myself? Difficult questions. I consider the above to be ‘bare bones upkeep’ – there are several other services in addition to the above that I feel would be beneficial, such as regular massages, facials and spray tan, but have not scheduled due to time constraints.
As blissful as a debt free existence must be, would I be able to enjoy it while sporting visible grays, a gorilla-like bikini line and ragged cuticles? Something’s gotta give. It’s time to explore my options in the personal maintenance arena. Wish me luck.
XO Debtonaire


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