The End of MC

Today is my ninth and last day on the Master Cleanse (“MC”).  I wanted to go ten days; however this would be complicated due various social engagements where it would be unseemly to carry around a sports bottle full of MC lemonade.  I sense the MC’s work is largely completed, anyway.  Feel great, rather fresh and toxin free . . . 

My first 4 days on the MC were a horror show – exhaustion, nausea, etc.  Per the MC literature, this is due to built up toxins that the body is now trying to eliminate.  However, I was not following the MC 100% and had ignored the somewhat horrifying laxative tea and salt water flush provisions.  Once I added this ‘part two’ to my MC routine, I began to feel much better, energetic and healthy even.  The last 5 days were a breeze.

Overall, I lost 7 pounds, but am expecting some of this weight to come back.  I hope to lose even more through better nutrition and exercise.  It will be much easier to stick with these programs now that I don’t have cravings for unhealthy, junky food constantly. 

I do miss food desperately, as well as the socializing that occurs over a meal.  I am lonely and very excited to eat again!  My husband is taking me to dinner at Cafe Maude this weekend to celebrate my MC completion  (the concept of MC freaked him out to no end and he has been very concerned).  Is it a bad thing that I already have my Cafe Maude meal planned out?  Surprisingly, I am not drooling over the macaroni and cheese (which is truly to die), or any number of questionably nutritious delights.  On the contrary, several vegetable sides, like the braised greens, the grilled corn, a cup of soup and perhaps a small crab cake speak to me. 

Here is what I am wearing on this cold and rainy MC final day:

XO, Debtonaire


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PGA day (and, MC Days 2 & 3)

Yesterday the family (plus a friend for my stepson) went to see the PGA practice round at Hazeltine.  I am not sporty or golf-y in the least, but really enjoyed the afternoon.  We saw several big name golfers, watched them play various holes – it was most mazing to watch them tee off.  The ball makes a much different noise and goes high high in the air . . . you can really appreciate this IRL as opposed to watching on TV. 

This was my PGA outfit.  It was cute, but I would have felt more comfortable in some sort of sport or golf attire, and definitely tennis shoes:

As for my MC update – it was 90 degrees yesterday.  We walked several miles over the course of the afternoon.  I carried my little water bottle full of the MC lemonade all over the golf course, sipping occasionally, and did my best to soldier on!  (If you ever see some disoriented person wandering aimlessly, clutching a water bottle, please be kind as they are likely on the MC and have only brain stem functioning!)  

So far today (MC Day 3) feel pretty horrible – nauseous, headaches, and achy limbs – apparently this is due to toxins coming out of the body. My friend K is also doing the MC, however, in contrast, she has been business as usual, even went the gym yesterday, and aside from the desire to eat something crunchy, is absolutely fine.   Yikes, clearly I must be chock full of toxins . . . but 4 pounds lost!

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Wearing 8/11/09 (and, MC Day 1)

Here’s my work outfit today:

The high-waisted skirt was not so adorable IRL – imagine a belted sausage with legs, and furthermore, that this sausage is also wearing the J. Crew Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt. After viewing self in mirror, particularly the horrible side view, was almost happy that I had agreed to start the Master Cleanse (“MC”) today with a friend.  (If unfamiliar with the MC, its basically a lemonade fast . . .)

Day 1 of MC has been pretty easy so far.  I even made my husband and stepson pancakes this morning (now a permanent, once a week, weekday ritual) and wasn’t tempted by their steamy sweet buttery goodness. Okay, maybe a little bit tempted, but did not succumb.  There is also enough maple syrup in just today’s MC lemonade for 3 or 4 breakfasts – difficult to justify cheating.  It’s now close to 5 p.m. and my stomach is rumbling a little bit, but I don’t feel hungry yet.   Have a class tonight, and will miss dinner with the boys, but probably am better off without watching them eat their pizza, giant burgers,  milk shakes, etc . . .

XO Debtonaire

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Girls’ Nite!

We had so much fun last night!  My sister came over after work, and we commenced to drink champagne, eat radishes dipped in butter and sea salt, giggle, play on Polyvore, and toast each other profusely for several hours.  At some point in the evening, and truth be told that point is a mite foggy, we put on cute clothes and high shoes (I managed to apply a very, very dark smoky eye thanks to this little miracle maker from MAC, the Shadestick in sharkskin), whereupon my husband bundled us into the car and chauffered us to dinner at Sea Change, a brand spanking new establishment with a culinary focus on sustainable seafood.  We loved it – particularly after a glass (or so) of champagne it was wonderful to order without trying to remember whether what fish from what body of water is eco-friendly or eco-hostile.  If you go, sis and I recommend the scallop from the raw bar, the warm beet salad and the char – all with a nice Sancerre.   

This is my Girls’ Nite outfit:

XO, Debtonaire

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J. Crew Bell Flower Top, continued . . .

Another close-up of the bell flower top, with jacket and two layered necklaces.  (Sorry for photo quality, it was snapped in the ladies room of my office – yikes – the light is not so good.)  Went out for cocktails directly after work and did not have time to change – received several compliments on the top! 

bell flower top 2a

My only reservation regarding this top is what the dry cleaner may do to the darling little stuffed blossom details – I shudder to consider the possibilities . . .

So what do you think of the Bell Flower?

XO,  Debtonaire

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J. Crew Bell Flower Top

My JC Bell Flower top just arrived! 

bell flower top

Worried that the top would be too flouncy fluffy flowery, however the blossoms lie flat.   IRL looks a bit different than as pictured above – the details inside the blossoms are not ivory, but a pale grey (as you can see in slightly blurry photo below).

bell flower closeup

Its a really pretty top – so pretty that I ripped it out of the package and put it on immediately (fortunately I was wearing bell flower friendly items . . . )  Following is the Polyvore of my Mid Day Re-do: 

XO Debtonaire

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Happy B-day (to me)

I tend to get a bit reflective on my birthday, pensive, sentimental and the like.  For some, this sort of thing is a New Year’s sort of thing, but it’s my personal fiscal year-end that waxes me nostalgic. 

I started the day early, about 6:00 a.m.  (note:  very unusual!), and stumbled downstairs to make pancakes for breakfast (with ingredients, not out of the bottle).  Typically during the summer months, my husband is out of the house by 7:00 a.m., and stepson gets up just before 7, turns on the television, and waits for the nanny while he eats a Pop Tart.  I get up at some point during all this, and race out to the office just before 9:00 a.m., and have my breakfast and coffee there.   At Casa de Debtonaire, mornings are peppered with love-you’s, have-a-good-day’s, and see-you-later’s  shouted over the banisters at high velocity – this is the sum total of our a.m. family interaction.

Today at the breakfast table, like civilized humans, my husband I talked about our day and week ahead.  We were both surprised that my stepson, adorably rumpled but less than gregarious on a normal morning, apparently IS capable of eating more than half a cold toaster pastry when provided decent food (five pancakes!), and also speaks in sentences rather than mono-syllabics once properly fueled.  Particularly for a Monday, it all felt astonishingly warm and sane.  As I drank my coffee and poured maple syrup over my amoeba-shaped but quite edible pancakes, I wondered, reproachfully, about why I had never picked up the spatula in the past.  Why I had not made this small effort, and, more importantly, why had it never before occurred to me to do so?  What do I really gain by retaining an hour or so of sleep a couple days a week?  It’s a fact that I will never be mistaken for June Cleaver, but I would (and will) do this breakfast thing again (and next time have resolved to get out of bed 5 minutes earlier to put in my contacts and apply lip gloss, sans pearls, but as a la Mrs. Cleaver as I can muster). 

Last year, my birthday fell on a Sunday.  It was an average day.  I was at the office.  I was always working – work was my habit and my pleasure.  My company was launching new ventures, it was apparent that we were the brink of the kind of success I had always dreamed of, strove and suffered for.  Finally, most deservedly, I thought, Fate was finally recognizing my potential, my true ability . . . As I sat in my corner office, amid the unremitting torrent of phone calls and emails, and meetings, and travel and red-blinking blackberry notification lights and conference calls at all hours of the day and night, I could hear the money machine cranking up in the background, well-oiled gears clickety-clicking, all the better to provide me with my due reward. 

However, if you have been reading this blog or living anywhere besides under a rock, you are painfully aware that the perfect economic storm gobbled up prosperity all over the globe, leaving me and scores of others like me, trying to within my actual means (rather than my imagined means).   

I am one of the lucky ones.  My only true injury was a sucker punch directly to the ego.  I am still employed  (one of three employees remaining on staff) thanks to generous cash infusions by the owner of the company.  I am hopeful that my position will be secure through year-end.  I turn a mental cartwheel each and every payday.  I am also lucky that my husband is working, and that I don’t truly need to learn to wax my own legs or color my own hair and do so to only to avoid further ebbing my personal flow of conspicuous consumerism.  Our house is fine for now, although our plans for a home gym and finished basement are currently off.  More importantly, miraculously even, after years and in some cases decades of neglect, I have retained relationships with my stepson, my husband, and my family and friends. 

Tonight my husband has a work dinner, an intercompany meeting of regional executives.  (Remember those?  Tony restaurants, chortling, backslapping and other displays of alcohol-enhanced comradery. . . )  I can’t even give my husband a hard time about his work event, birthday or no.  Not only does he feel guilty, but he clearly has the short end of the stick – in his absence, my stepson is taking me to see Ice Age 3, and there is a strong probability of dinner at California Pizza Kitchen as well.  And this is what I am wearing for my birthday date:

XO, Debtonaire

P. S. Back to my usual semi-vapid non-self-reflective self next post, I promise . . .

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